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User Authentication

You can setup username and password to make sure only you can access the application. Go to Configuration page and expand the User Accounts section. You can click the icon to add a new username and password. Once you save the configuration, you will get logged out if you had not logged in earlier via another account.

It is important to understand that authentication only protects the application user interface. If someone can access your computer and they can access the folder where Paisa stores the ledger and database files, they will be able to view your data.

Implementation details

Paisa uses cryptographic hash function sha-256 to convert your password to digest before storing it in the configuration file. This has few implications. No one can look at the configuration file and get the password, this includes you as well. If you forget the password, you can remove the user accounts from configuration file to get back access.


If you run paisa on a server and access it over public internet, make sure to use it over https and use a strong password. If you run it over plain http, man in the middle attack can be performed to obtain the data including your password.