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1. Data Ownership

User owns the data. It should be possible to migrate all the data to another app or service. Paisa will strive to make this as easy as possible by choosing open standards and formats.

Ledger text format is used to store all the transaction data.

2. Privacy

User's data is private. Paisa will not collect or send any data to any server1. Paisa will not use any third party analytics or tracking on the app2.

Paisa's source code is open source and could be audited by anyone.

3. Longevity

The app should be available for a long time. It takes a lot of effort to collect and maintain the transaction data. The app should not just disappear one day. Paisa will strive to avoid unnecessary dependencies and build a self contained app.

Paisa is licensed under AGPL v3, which helps with this issue to some extent. I have yet to figure out a solution to make the app development and maintenance process sustainable in the long term. But rest assured, any decision that would be made related to this will not override the first two points.

  1. Paisa fetches commodity price information from third party servers. Since Paisa will send the commodity identifier to the server, the third party server might be able to connect the commodity list with the user's IP address. This is an opt-in feature, as you have to explicitly configure Paisa to fetch price. VPN could be used if you want to avoid this. 

  2. This doesn't include the website, which is hosted on third party servers and has consent based analytics.