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Ledger CLI

Paisa is compatible with ledger, hledger and beancount. By default paisa will try to use ledger, if you prefer to use hledger or beancount instead, change the ledger_cli value in paisa.yaml

# OPTIONAL, DEFAULT: ledger, ENUM: ledger, hledger, beancount
ledger_cli: hledger

Paisa ships with ledger binary. If you use hledger or beancount, make sure that the binaries are installed.

Unavailable Features

Some of the features that are available in Paisa are not supported by hledger and beancount


  • Recurring (partial) - hledger supports automated transactions, but it doesn't allow to add only metadata to transaction. So some of the examples in the recurring section will not work with hledger. It's possible to add metadata to transactions manually.


  • Budget - budget is based on periodic transactions that is no supported by beancount.

  • Recurring (partial) - beancount doesn't support automated transactions. It's possible to add metadata to transactions manually. Use lowercase for tag name.

  • Search filter in Transactions and Postings pages doesn't support note property.