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Credit Cards

Paisa allows you to track your credit card bills and payments. Let's say you have a liability account called Liabilities:CreditCard:Freedom to track your real world credit card, you can configure it in Paisa as follows:

    - account: Liabilities:CreditCard:Freedom #(1)!
      credit_limit: 150000 #(2)!
      statement_end_day: 8 #(3)!
      due_day: 20 #(4)!
      network: visa #(5)!
      number: "0007" #(6)!
      expiration_date: "2029-05-01" #(7)!
  1. Account name
  2. Credit limit of the card
  3. The day of the month when the statement is generated
  4. The day of the month when the payment is due
  5. The network of the card
  6. The last 4 digits of the card number
  7. The expiration date of the card

The above configuration can be done from the More > Configuration page. Expand the Credit Cards section and click icon to add a new one

Once configured, the credit card will show up on the Liabilities > Credit Cards page. Paisa will automatically calculate and display various information like the amount due, payment due date, credit limit utilized, etc.