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Personal Finance Manager

2022/01/01 Salary
    Income:Salary:Acme     -100,000 INR
    Assets:Checking         100,000 INR

2022/01/03 Rent
    Assets:Checking         -20,000 INR

2022/01/07 Investment
    Assets:Checking         -20,000 INR
    Assets:Equity:NIFTY   168.690 NIFTY @ 118.56 INR
2022/01/01 Salary
    Income:Salary:Acme      $-5,000
    Assets:Checking          $5,000

2022/01/03 Rent
    Assets:Checking         $-2,000

2022/01/07 Investment
    Assets:Checking         $-1,000
    Assets:Equity:AAPL   6.452 AAPL @ $154.97
commodity €
    format €1.000,00

commodity AAPL
    format 1.000,00 AAPL

2022/01/01 Salary
    Income:Salary:Acme      -5.000
    Assets:Checking          5.000

2022/01/03 Rent
    Assets:Checking         -2.000

2022/01/07 Investment
    Assets:Checking      -1.000,02
    Assets:Equity:AAPL   6,453 AAPL @ 154,97

Install Demo

  • Builds on top of the ledger double entry accounting tool.
  • Your financial data never leaves your system.
  • The journal and configuration information are stored in plain text files that can be easily version controlled. You can collaborate with others by giving access to the files.
  • Track the latest market price of your Mutual Fund, NPS Fund and Stock holdings.
  • Track and budget your Expenses.
  • Convert CSV, Excel and PDF files to Ledger journal.
  • Calculate your taxes, emis, etc using sheets.
  • Track your goals.
  • View your recurring transactions and credit card bills.
  • Plan your retirement.
  • And many more visualizations to help you make any financial decisions.

Plain Text

All your financial data is stored in plain text files. Of course, we will not ask you to draw a picture on blank canvas. We provide enough guard rails to make data entry easy and error free. The editor comes with syntax highlighting, auto completion, error checking and auto formatting.


Selling your data is not the indirect goal of the app. The app will never collect or send any data to any server. All your data is stored in your system. Checkout the manifesto for more.

Price Tracking

Paisa supports various price data providers, so it can keep track of the latest price of all your assets. It also allows the user to enter the price manually, so you can use it to revalue your assets like house, car, land, etc.

Budget and Expenses

Paisa allows you to track your expenses at the granularity of your choice. You can customize the categories and subcategories to suit your needs, even icon is customizable. If you are tight on money, don't worry, paisa got you covered. You can set a budget for each category and make sure you don't overspend.

Data Import

You don't have to sit and manually enter all your transactions. You can get the account statements from your bank or credit card provider and import them into paisa. Paisa import system is flexible enough to handle most of the formats out there in the wild. Once you setup the import template, it will hardly take 5 minutes to import and categorize all your transactions each month.


Ever wanted to calculate your taxes, emis, etc? Paisa comes with a notepad calculator called sheet that can do all the calculations with the data from your ledger. The sheets are live and interactive, and will update automatically when you change the data in your ledger.


Want to know how much you need to save for your next vacation? or how long it will take to buy a new car? Paisa can help you with planning and tracking your goals. If you know how much you can afford to save each month, paisa can tell you when you can achieve your goal. On the other hand, if you have a deadline, paisa can tell you how much you need to save each month to achieve your goal.


Paisa can help you track your recurring transactions like rent, emi, credit card bills, etc. The calendar view will show you all the bills that are due in the current month. You can set the recurring period of the transaction, which is flexible enough to handle any kind of schedule like weekly, monthly, quarterly, last day of the month, last day of the quarter, etc.